Dryer Vent Cleaning Waxhaw NC

Dryer Vent Cleaning Waxhaw NC

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Do you have a dryer at your home? Do you know the potential hazards it can cause at your household? How often have you thought about doing a maintenance routine on your dryer? Dry vent cleaning is essential to keep yourself and home safe. Some many deaths and injuries have occurred every year due to the fires which start in the clothes dryers. Most of these catastrophes can be avoided by cleaning the dryers vent. Dryers may heat up to extremely high temperatures, which leads to posing fire dangers. Like any other appliances which produced heat at home, your clothes dryers should get handled with security measures and safety precautions. Thus to keep off all these dangers, it’s advisable to maintain a proper schedule of dryer vent cleaning.

Dyer vent is moderately short; however, it should be cleaned regularly, and it is best if you have a professional clean your dryer. Depending on how regular you use your dryer, it should be cleaned once in a year or more according to what your company representative recommends due to your laundry routine. The benefit of getting a reliable, qualified, and experienced professionals to clean your dryer vent is because they have possibly seen various models and make hence will clean the interior apparatus more competently than you will. When cleaning your dryer vent, ensure you clean the vent that connects the dryer with the window outlet and the inside of the dryer. Before starting any work, unplug the dryer from the wall outlet. Based on your dryer’s type, it should be easy to open the access panel for better cleaning around the machine components. However, these cleanup of the buildup of debris varies with the type of the machine.


The following are results if you skip cleaning dryer vent that is centered on catastrophic, time consuming, and cost.

When you put your clothes in the dryer, they will take a lot of time before they dry, as a result of this consuming more energy, which hikes your bills; thus operating cost becomes high. They even waste your time waiting for the clothes to dry when you could be doing other things

If you skip dryer vent cleaning, it may lead to your dryer catching fire because of high temperatures hence burning your home down, which may result in death and loss of properties.

Repairing a dryer is relatively costly .when one skip cleaning the dryer vent, the heating elements in your dryer can burn, which leads to high-cost repairs.

If your dryer gets highly maintained through cleaning out your dryer lint after every load and get your dryer vent exhaust cleaned by a professional once a year, the efficiency of your dryer will be increased and check your house from fire.


It is essential to clean your dryer vent because:

  1. While operating the dryer, the temperatures in the room do not get altered.
  2. Clothes normally dry without taking a lot of, and they dry completely.
  3. The dryer vent hood flaps regularly, and they properly open as they are intended to without any difficulties while operating the dryer.
  4. There is no musty odor or any excessive odor that comes from dryer sheets that get used through the drying cycle.
  5. It is efficient whereby you can put as many periods of clothes as you want without turning the dryer on because the dryer won’t stop unless turned off.


The regular companies recommend one to clean the dryer vent after every six months or only two times in a year.

But if you usually use your dryer every day, it is safer to clean the dryer vent at least three or four times annually to clear out your dryer completely.

The national fire protection association endorses that the dryer exhaust vent should be cleaned at a minimum once annually.


Cleaning your dryer vent does not only increase the dryer’s effectiveness, but it plays a significant role in maintaining the safety and health of your entire family.

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